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Whether it's singing and dancing, painting a masterpiece, or creating a culinary marvel - art takes on many forms! Let our counselors expand your child's creativity, spark their curiosity and inspire them to express themself in a healthy and constructive way through the arts. Our artistic programs are offered exclusively at our Oxford Athletic Club location, open to campers of Members and Non-Members of the club in 2019!

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Arts Camp Activities

Exclusively at Oxford

Restaurant Wars

This week is all about competing with food! Put your business hat on and create your own restaurant. Campers will be split up into teams, where they will work together to create the best restaurant of all time! Design your own name, menu and cook dishes from your menu! After creating their concepts, campers will face the judges to see which restaurants get the best reviews!

Exclusively at Oxford

Dessert Challenge

Let’s get baking! Campers will spend this week at camp improving their culinary skills by baking classic desserts. Learn new techniques in making crusts, frostings and decorating. At the end of the week, campers will test their new skills in “Cupcake Wars,” a competition to see whose cupcakes will reign supreme!

Exclusively at Oxford


Calling all dancers! If your child loves to move and groove then this camp is for them! Join us for a week of fun learning various forms of dance, new techniques and expressing yourself! From ballet to hip-hop, dancers will be everywhere from our private studios to outside in the sun.

Exclusively at Oxford

Creative Kids I & II

Unleash your child’s artistic ability this summer! Each day campers will be creating a new piece of work to showcase their talent. Campers will be decked out in decorations from group and individual crafts created throughout the week. By creating new projects daily, campers will get crafty trying out some new techniques! In our second edition of Creative Kids, our campers try their hands at storytelling, poetry, creative writing and new crafts with advanced mediums!

Exclusively at Oxford

Broadway Theater

If you love to perform, dance and sing then this camp is for you! Get ready to sing and dance your heart out! Vocal, acting, and dance lessons will be enhanced by fun theatre games and activities. Campers will be performing classic Disney musicals. In addition to preparing sets, costumes and choreography for their performance, campers will also take mini lessons in singing and dancing to improve their Campers, be prepared to perform because at the end of the week, the curtain will rise for all to see!


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